The 2017 « International Cell Senescence Association (ICSA) meeting » held in Paris (France) will provide a forum to present and discuss the latest developments in the field of cellular senescence.

Cellular senescence is now considered a fundamental cell fate playing important physiological roles in embryonic development, wound healing and tumor suppression, but also in pathophysiological conditions including age-related diseases, notably cancer and degenerative diseases such as sarcopenia, atherosclerosis, Parkinsons or Alzheimers disease.

As such, research on therapeutic strategies senescence for healthspan improvement has gained enormous momentum.

Topics to be covered during the conference include:

1) Mechanisms leading to onset of senescence;

2) Physiological functions of senescence, including tumor suppression, organismal and tissue development, wound healing and other tissue protective roles;

3) Pathological consequences of senescence, for example during tissue aging and chronic inflammation;

4) Avenues to exploit senescence in biomedicine, for example pro-senescence cancer therapies and strategies to suppress the pro-aging features of senescent cells.

There will be a special emphasis on evaluating current paradigms and ideas in senescence in the context of sometimes disparate ideas from the wider fields of aging, cancer, epigenetics, immunology, regenerative medicine and developmental biology.




Oliver Bischof, Institut Pasteur, France
Group Leader, Molecular And Cellular Biology of Cellular Senescence and Age-related Pathologies

Peter Adams, Beaston Institute for Cancer Research and University of Glasgow, UK
Head of Laboratory Epigenetics of Cancer and Ageing


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